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Therefore, Maria is "standing by her man" just as did Hillary. The issue of gay marriage is incredibly divisive. He understands that you build a party by addition, not subtraction'. What was that quote about understanding Adolf Hitler? Instead of reminding viewers of Bush's leadership, the commercial reminds us of Bush's cynicism. Republican strategist, Rich Galen, summed up the contradiction thus: More likely, however, is that one or both will extend the rights of lesbians and gay men, sending the Christian right into a frenzy and demanding that Bush make a stand.

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Bush walked away from financial commitments to New York; the fire-fighters union is very pro-Kerry; and Bush is resented by New York's cops and EMT's for his opposition to urban aid and public sector unions. Racism in America's public discourse is certainly more subtle than homophobia, but no less pervasive. Of the 8 million viewers there were just 10 phone calls and 68 emails containing negative feedback. The New York Post noted one other troubling fact about Pataki: The fine art of sending political messages to one group of people while hiding that same message to other groups of people is one of the most interesting of all political activities. He understands that you build a party by addition, not subtraction'.

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Despite this, some of Bush's most fervent and active supporters are still keen to bring the issue to the fore. He has the same rugged good looks and much of the same charisma. And even if Bush could persuade his own side to bury the subject, the courts could resurrect it. Whereas previous politicians -- like Senator Gary Hart -- were sunk permanently by just a single allegation, President Clinton got ever more popular even as his sex life was laid more open for all to see. All of these politicians are decidedly a part of the Illuminist plan to change America and the world so that the world may enter into the New World Order.

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