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While his mother Jennifer takes a little time to understand her son, after a few months she becomes supportive of Justin and becomes involved in PFLAG. He confides in his best friend Daphne. In the pilot episode, Justin Taylor is a high school student at St. He leaves Brian, but after a bomb explodes at Babylon, Brian admits his love for Justin, asking him to marry him. They plan to get married, but as the date draws closer, Justin realizes that Brian is trying to become someone he isn't, just to make Justin happy. After losing his virginity to Brian Kinney during his senior year of high school , Justin falls in love with Brian, and their relationship becomes a central part of the series.

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The first time, he blackmails Kip into dropping his sexual harassment lawsuit against Vanguard and Brian. Before leaving, Brian and Justin spend one final night together. This event impacts his life immensely and the effects are seen throughout the series. He excels at school and desires to be an artist. Brian tells Justin that he has kept the rings, and Justin reassures Brian that they will continue to see each other frequently. With Justin's diminished use of his drawing hand, Brian gets a drawing computer for Justin to use. Justin drops out of college after a disagreement with the head of the internship program after it is discovered that he has been having sexual relations with his boss, Brian, and sabotaging Chief Jim Stockwell 's ad campaign.

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Many of Justin's storylines revolve around his desire for a more committed relationship with Brian; in later seasons, the character's storylines begin to focus more on his developing career as an artist. Justin was born into an upper middle class Pittsburgh family. Justin's new job takes its toll on him, the night shift causing him to lack energy during the daytime. He agrees, and she falls in love with him the same way Justin fell in love with Brian. He leaves Brian, but after a bomb explodes at Babylon, Brian admits his love for Justin, asking him to marry him. During the first season, Justin's parents struggle to come to terms with his homosexuality, his father kicking him out of the house. Over the five seasons the show ran, he started a Gay-Straight Alliance at his high school, was brutally gay-bashed at his prom, had to learn how to use his right hand again during his first year of art school, created a successful underground gay comic, fought the election of a homophobic mayor, opposed an anti-gay statewide ballot proposition, and achieved acclaim as an artist.

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