Custom Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

Many people search the Internet for Custom Muay Thai Boxing Shorts. They are usually individuals who want to be unique and have there own special colours and design or Muay Thai clubs where they have specific colours for all its members.

The whole short can usually be designed to your specifications. This means the fabric, the design, the choose and colours and where and any writing your want on it. The standard shorts usually have two different colours and ‘Mauy Thai’ written in Thai on the back.

There are many designs already offered by the leading manufacturers, such as King, Twins and Raja. You really shouldn’t have a problem finding a design that you would already by happy with. Or if you go to a club anywhere in the world, they normally have a contact who makes shorts designed for the club, so you could order ones too with maybe your name on.

Club shorts usually have specific colours and have the traditional ‘Muay Thai’ written on the back, with the name of the club on one of the legs at the front with your name on the other. custom boxing shorts To do this shouldn’t be too expensive, but will be more expensive than having the standard design ones from the manufacturers.

When you find somewhere that can do you unique designs, you will have the choice of design, such as fire, claws, strips etc. You can then choose the colours you so wish, usually two is standard. You can then stick to the traditional ‘Muay Thai’ written on the back and have your name on the front. The material usually used is silk, although you may wish to choose nylon or polyester blend if you do not like the feeling of silk on the skin.

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