New York City Wellness Standard – Hudson Yards

In the center of the city of Manhattan, the greatest private development project in the history of America is a new neighborhood, Hudson Yards. This huge construction, commonly known as ‘a new town within a town,’ transforms New York City’s environment and skyline.


This is expected to encompass the following 28 acres:


16 towers with a total surface area of more than 12,700,000 sq ft.


Hotel, restaurants, marketplaces and pubs of the finest quality.


School with 750 seats


Public open space of 14 acres


The West side of Manhattan will revamp this vibrant project. Hudson Yards is to become a new neighborhood and a new community which includes “Live, Play, Work and Learn.”


Fifteen Hudson Yards – First Condominium

Fifteen Hudson Yards residents will appreciate the exquisite finishings and the diversity of outstanding features. Mostly between the 50th and 51st floors of the 88-story structure, the state-of-the-art facilities are provided.


The 50-story spa with premium amenities is devoted to the wellness centre:


a 75-foot swimming pool and a fitness facility with a magnificent view of the city.

Spa, lounge and Yoga Studio Private

Playroom for children

The extra bonus will be placed on Skytop level of an 88-storey tour for residents of 15 Hudson Yards, including the lounges, the dining area and the fireplace.


What Hudson’s yard really puts into “their own league” is sophisticated technology: the “smart house” idea will be included into the project, so that you may connect with your phone in an entirely different way. In cooperation with the New York Center for Urban Science and Progress, the sensor and app system has been created.

“Hudson Yards not only changes the way people see New York — it will alter the way they see New York. People will see the Hudson Yards as a key measure of how intelligent a city is. All we are attempting to accomplish in this respect are best-in-class and, in the long run, this will have a tremendous impact on the way that New York functions.”

The construction of Hudson Yards is much more than stunning luxury facilities and towers. It’s the next big neighborhood in New York City.


In addition to other cutting-edge, independent stores and premium shops, the world-class shop will contain Neiman Marcus first of the city, making Hudson Yards the latest retail attraction.

The restaurant collection offers 25 restaurants from some of the finest chefs in the world, including Thomas Keller, David Chang and many more. Hudson Yards residents will receive unique advantages, which include prior reservations for restaurants, exclusive event tickets, membership in VIP arts and many more.

Business Space


In the middle of Hudson Yard’s Public Square and Gardens is emerging a new public monument – Vessel. The 15-story building designed by Heatherwick Studio has over 2000 ascension stairs and 80 observing landscapes, providing the public with some of the most distinctive views of the city.

The first skyscraper was finished in 2016, and is located at 10 Hudson Yards. This skyscraper of 52 floors is anticipated to employ 7,000 people. Last year, Coach Inc., L’Oreal, Boston Consulting group, Vayner Media, and other large businesses welcomed the project’s initial inhabitants. This state-of-the-art office building promises to be a new corporate centre for this city, located near to the Jacob Javits Convention Centre.

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